Friday, March 25, 2022

The Cozy Spring Clean 2022

I mentioned in this post that next week is SPRING CLEAN week for me! To be honest, I'm really more of an autumn deep-cleaning kind of girl. There's just something about the days growing shorter and cooler that inspires me to give everything a fresh start before the holiday season is in full swing. In the spring I usually do a bit of a modified annual cleaning, typically not as in depth as my autumn clean, but this year I'm switching things up.

My husband is coming home around the first week of May after traveling for almost a year now, and I can hardly wait! Now honestly, he could walk in the door today and I would not be upset one bit with the cleanliness of our home, but I know that lurking beneath the couch, the table, inside of closets and the pantry, there is dust and muck and things that need to be dealt with. I also need to re-think and re-organize our space a little to make room for all-the-things he'll be bringing with him, so there's that to consider as well.

All that being said, I don't know why I didn't think of it before and it may be entirely too late to ask, but I thought I'd post this and see if anyone wants to join me, even if all you do is clean one room and get started? I thought it might be fun to cheer each other on! So I'm implementing THE COZY SPRING CLEAN 2022 and it all starts this coming Monday, April 28.  As I said, I realize this is short notice, but I thought maybe a few of you might be up for a last minute challenge and be able to pull some things together to ready yourself over the weekend. Also, I'm calling it "COZY" because I don't care what time of year it is, that's the word that best describes the atmosphere I want to create in our home!

My linen closet is in serious need of purging!

I've organized my week to focus on one and sometimes two areas each day beginning next Monday and ending on Friday.  This is what my schedule looks like.

MONDAY - Family Room

TUESDAY - Kitchen

WEDNESDAY - Dining Room / Laundry / Front Closet / Hall Closet / Linen Closet - This sounds like a lot but the dining area and laundry combined will probably take me less than an hour, the closets are the bigger project.

THURSDAY - Bathroom / Office & Craft Room

FRIDAY - Master Bedroom / Bathroom / Bless The Weekend
Bless the Weekend is my regular weekly routine where I go through all the rooms and give them a touch up in preparation for a weekend of rest, and I will need it next weekend, but hopefully with as deep as I'm cleaning, there won't be much to bless!

This schedule is, of course, designed for our apartment, you may have more rooms or fewer, so you can adjust it to fit your needs.

As I was cleaning yesterday, I went through each room and wrote down every single task that I felt needed to be done in each room, and today I'm typing it all out and making myself some checklists. I considered making a generic form with a list of common tasks and having it available as a printable, but if you're like me, I always end up revising or adding to those lists anyway. This type of job is really more personal, because it all depends on the size of your house, how "clean" you want it to be, and how much time you want to devote to it, and with that, I decided against it.  

But, if you want to look at some generic lists to jump-start you into cleaning mode and remind you of the tasks you might want to tackle, just google "Spring Cleaning Checklist", or type it into the search bar on Pinterest and you'll find a plethora of options! Once I discovered that I saw no need to add to the collective!

My plan it take some pictures here and there, perhaps some before/after shot of my progress each day and share it here with you, so if that's your sort of thing and you enjoy seeing the methods other people use and pictures of their homes, then I hope you'll join me. And if you want to spruce up your own place a bit, even better!

First thing on my list is to go and pick up some boxes and have them labeled and ready, "KEEP" (But in most cases relocate), "DONATE" and "DISCARD", of which I'm hoping the final two will be the fullest!

I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of the installment on The Origins of Housework and then come Monday morning, we'll set straight to the task! I hope you'll join me!


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