Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Weekend Progress On My Projects

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to be more intentional about focusing on other things that I enjoy like crafts and cross stitching, and spending less time on the computer, especially on the weekends. Well, I'm happy to say that this past weekend was a success!

The larger house in this picture is a panel for a set of throw pillows I am making for our couch.  I finished this first panel Sunday night while watching the remake of True Grit (Netflix) with my husband. He was in California and we just watched it at the same time and texted back and forth about it. Kind of a long-distance date, I guess you'd say! :)

The smaller book cover you see in the corner is one I made for a new bible I bought recently. They only offered two colors and since I didn't care for either, I set about looking for a solution, and arrived at this. I had already stitched up the little panel and originally had other plans for it, but it ended up being the perfect fit for my bible. Since the edges are frayed I was concerned about them becoming even more frayed and unruly, so I sat with a small paint brush and a fine tooth comb and carefully glued them all to the cover with fabric glue, combing them out after I applied the glue to make sure they laid straight. I was very pleased with the way it turned out.

I enjoyed myself so much, and my mind definitely feels more at rest by limiting my time on the computer, so much so, that I've decided not to limit myself to weekends only. I'll continue to post here, check in with my friends and family on social media, I'm not looking for a complete fast. But I was so shocked, honestly, by how much less cluttered I guess you could say, my mind felt by spending less time away from the screen that I know instinctively that I need this right now. I also want to get these projects done before my husband comes home, and I've decided that in April I'm going to deep clean the apartment in preparation for his return home around Mother's Day, and as a way of helping me weed out some things.  We're going to be moving again at the end of July when out lease is up, and I want to get an early start so it won't be such a big job in the end.

As for Growing a Life: A Lenten Journey, I've decided that this format is just really not for me. It may have to do with the fact that I have already developed my Rule of Life, using this resource, but the truth is I'm just not enjoying it. I also have other sermons and books that I want to read during this season, and something I learned a long time ago is that often, even if something is good, it doesn't necessarily mean it is what is best, and that's the conclusion I've come to. Rather than study again about how to develop and implement a rule, I'd rather focus on working on the one I've already developed. If you downloaded the materials and you are enjoying using this resource, then I encourage you to continue, or you could also check out the other resource I linked above from Bridgetown Church. I will be doing follow-up posts on how I am implementing my rule and on how things are going from time to time, so if you liked those posts then be looking for more in the future.

And now my friends I'm off to my projects!

Until then . . .


Patti said...

True Grit is the movie that began my love affair with Glen Campbell. Of course, I'm talking about the original. I saw it as a 9-year old, and I was totally smitten with Mr. Campbell. My husband and I have it on Blu-Ray, and we watched it not long ago. Actually, we are huge old movie fans, and we watch about a dozen classic films each month.
It's great that you gave yourself the freedom to say "no" to something that wasn't working for you. Too often, we force ourselves to continue something, just because we feel that we've failed if we quit. I don't look at it as quitting. I see it as refocusing, and sometimes, the refocus causes us to realize we should let go. Good for you!

Kimberly Lottman said...

I am a HUGE old movie fan, it comprises about 90% of what I watch, that and old sitcoms. Aside from a PBS series now and then, there are very few modern day movies or television shows I like. Every once in a blue moon something decent will come out, but that's maybe once a year, if that. I saw the original True Grit long ago and liked it, one of the few westerns I do like. The remake is very good, though there are a few scenes that are violent, because isn't that what sells these days? But Jeff Bridges did an excellent job as Rooster Cogburn,and Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Rose is honestly the highlight of the entire movie, outstanding performance! Thank you for your encouragement regarding deciding not to do the Lenten series. I used to be the type of person who would never not finish something, especially a book. If I started it, I felt some obligation to finish it, even it I didn't like it. Then one day, in the middle of such a book, I realized that there were so many other things I knew I would enjoy and could be doing with my time, and put it in a box to give away and started fresh. It was the most liberating feeling! I knew by the third day of this study that it wasn't for me, but I gave it through the first week. But when I found myself dreading it once the second week began, I knew that was my sign. But I do thank you for your encouragement, because many people do have that mindset, and view choosing to quit as failure.

Sandra Little said...

Quitting is not necessarily giving up on something, it is a way of redirecting to something that is more interesting or pleasing to do that r learn.

Kimberly Lottman said...

@Sandra Little, I completely agree! :)