Monday, January 9, 2023

The Small, Ordinary Things of Life

Good morning, friends! I trust your year is off to a lovely start thus far.

January is not behaving at all, as it should, at least, not to suit me. After a very cold Christmas weekend with a wind chill of -20, a week later we were into the 60's! And while -20 was a bit extreme, even for me, I much prefer my January overcast with highs in the upper 30's and low 40's at best. But, I will say that last week's hint of Spring did allow me to take care of some outside projects that otherwise would have waited for several more weeks, and so for that, I am grateful. Perspective, it's the key to life!

I've been toying with what to share here, in this space, of which I am so fond but struggle so greatly to fill.  It is not for a lack of ideas, for I have a long list of those, it's really more about finding, or should I say, prioritizing the time to do so. And while I'm not big on new year resolutions, I have made it a goal to try to write here with more regularity.  Ultimately that would look like at least three times a week, and if I keep them short and sweet and not strive to write an essay with each entry, I think it might be doable.  But I'll be honest, I'm not even going to hold myself to that in the beginning. I think if I manage to share one new post a week at first, I'm going to call it progress. 

My hope is to share more of the small, ordinary things of life with you, as is in keeping with the theme entirely! I think I often trip myself up thinking that I must write profound, life changing posts to keep people interested. But the truth is, the people who are blessed by my small offerings will find there way here, and if it is only a few, I've never been about numbers, anyway. Years ago that was what blogging was. Just women (primarily, at least in my circle), sharing the things of life that made up their days, and we were blessed by them. Recipes, snippets from our reading, links to articles we found interesting, those are the kind of posts that blessed me and that I enjoyed sharing, and so that's my intention and I hope you'll be blessed by it.

And in that spirit, as I close for today, I want to share a line from a sweet little poem of January from my collection, which reflects more of how I would prefer my January to be.

Bare branches of each tree

on this chilly January morn

look so cold so forlorn.

Gray skies dip ever so low

left from yesterday's dusting of snow.

-  NELDA HARTMANN, January Morn

Many blessings be upon you this day, my friends! I'll be back, very soon.

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Patti said...

I love your mindset! In fact, I'm actually not one to read the "big" blogs with lots of followers. Blogging is about connecting to me (as that's what it was about when I started in 2006). And it's hard to connect with the blogger when you are just one of a hundred or more readers.

Simple, quiet, ordinary....those are the words that make up my life and my heart. So visits here always inspire and encourage.