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My Favorite Summer Movies - Summer Magic

As many of you know, I am a HUGE Old Movies fan. I would even dare to say that 90% of what I watch on a weekly basis was released in the late 40's, 50's, 60's and some 70's. Occassionally you might even find a few titles from the 80's thrown in there, but it is s-e-l-d-o-m that I watch anything made after that, with the exception of period pieces from PBS.

It is pretty common to have a longer list of movies that you enjoy watching during the Christmas holidays, but being a seasonal soul, I have movies that I watch in almost every season, and summer is no exception. And so, with the solstice coming up next week, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite summer movies with you over the next few months, and I thought we'd begin today, with  . .

with Hayley Mills 

Oddly enough, though it's my first choice for this series, Summer Magic is, traditionally, a movie that I watch closer to the autumn equinox. A bit of a nod, if you will, to the slowly dying days of summer. .

Based upon the book, Mother Carey's ChickensSummer Magic and depicts the life of the Carey family. When Margaret (Dorothy MacGuire), a Bostonian widow and her three children fall on hard financial times, Nancy Carey (Hayley Mills), works with Postmaster Ostia "Osh" Popham (Burl Ives) to move into a run-down old house in Maine. But isn't long before they learn that the house is actually owned by the mysterious Tom Hamilton (Peter Brown), who Osh assures them, never comes around. But when snooty cousin Julia (Deborah Walley) moves in, and  Mr. Hamilton makes a surprise visit, the fun and adventures begin!

I have loved this movie since the first time I saw it in elementary school. Every year on the last day before Christmas break, the entire school would assemble in the auditorium and we would watch a movie. There was always popcorn and soda and the teachers would usually have candy waiting for us on our desk, as well. It was always a highlight of the holiday season, knowing that Christmas was coming and you didn't have to go to school for two whole weeks! One year, I think when I was in about 3rd-4th grade, this was the movie that was featured.

I have long loved Hayley Mills, but I'm fond of Deborah Walley, too, especially in this role. She became a bit of a beach movie queen during the 60's, and I'll actually be sharing a post soon that will feature some of those movies. But her depection of Julia, the uppity cousin who turns out not to be all that she appears, is charming.

I also like the music featured in this movie. It's dubbed a musical, and I guess if I really think about it, it definitely is, but somehow the music seems to flow a bit more seamless than you typically find, at least for me. Some are also not a fan of Burl Ives when it comes to singing, and granted, he would have never made it in today's world. But I personally find him charming. A few of my favorite songs from the movie are;

- On The Front Porch - My absolute favorite!
- The Ugly Bug Ball - My girls loved this one when they were little!
- Femininity - A cute little old fashioned song. Definitely don't condone "hide the real you"

If you've never watched Summer Magic, I highly recommend it. It's a movie the whole family will enjoy and suitable for all ages. Perfect on a cool summer night with the windows open. You could make up a couple of big bowls of popcorn and some fresh lemonade and enjoy spending some time together!  Here the trailer to give you a little more of a feel for it!

As I said, if you've never watched it, I think you'll enjoy it, and please let me know if you do, even if its one you're already familiar with and have watched a dozen times or me, like me! And if you have your own list of favorite summer movies, please leave your suggestions in the comments. It just might be possible I may have missed a few!  I'll be sharing more movies on my list in the weeks to come, so if you enjoyed this post, but sure to come back for more!

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One of my favorite movies of all times!

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Kimberly Lottman said...

Angela, I love it, too! And yes, I forgot about The Pink of Perfection!