Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Good evening, friends! It's been awhile, and as you know with good reason, we bought a house!

Since July 1, when we closed, it's been non-stop painting, renovating and moving and while there are still a number of "finishing touches" to work on, I finally feel ready to resume posting here on a more regular basis. I've missed you, and this space and I'm feels good to be back!

As nothing about this summer has been normal or routine, I'm also ready to establish some routines and resume life as normal here in our new home, and I've resurrected a few tools to aide me in the process that I thought I'd share with you, as well.

The AUTUMN DAY KEEPER has been updated and is ready to use! I've also included the Goal Planning Sheets and Phenology Wheels which covers September-November 2022.  So if you've used this resource in the past or if you're new to my blog and want to try it out, just click on the links below to be directed to the FREE downloads!



(*NOTE* I noticed a small error on the last page of each month of the goal planning sheets today that I have now corrected.  If you downloaded and printed them before today (8/31), you can follow the link above  to the corrected version and re-print the last past of each month.  Sorry for the inconvenience!)


I'm also working with another resource I've adapted THE SEPTEMBER RESET which I'll be sharing more about in the coming days.

Our house is in the country, located within the boundaries of The George Washington National Forest, and at present, reliable wi-fi is a little hard to come by. But that's the trade off for a peaceful, rural setting like this and to be honest, I don't mind nearly as much as I thought I would! We have service, but all it takes is a sprinkle and we're down for several hours at a time, which I view as an invitation to slow down a litle! That being said, I think between the good days and trips into the city from time to time I'll be able to post here with a bit more regularity that I have over the past few months, and I hope you'll join me!

If you do download and use the AUTUMN DAY KEEPER I hope you'll be sure to let me know how you liked it! It's been a wonderful tool for living seasonally and with intention for myself and others over the years, and I hope you'll find it helpful, as well!

Until then, friends!

“The true way to live is to enjoy every minute as it passes, 

and surely it is in the everyday things around us that the beauty of life lies.”