Saturday, June 3, 2023

Small Things - 6/3/2023

"Life is not, for most of us, a pageant of splendor, but is made up of many small things, rather like an old-fashioned piecework quilt. No two people have the same, but we all have our own, whether it be listening to Beethoven's fifth with a beloved friend, or seeing a neighbor at the back door with a basket of white dahlias. Or after a long, hard day, having the family say, "That was a good supper." 


In no particular order, here are six small things that inspired me this week.

2. I really appreciated this post from @silkandsonder on The Seven Types of Rest.  This is something I want to consider for my weekly Sabbath as well as for extended sabbaticals.

3. I spent some time this week looking for meals that won't heat up the kitchen during the hot summer months. I despise air-conditioning. And while I'm not oppossed to turning it on for a few hours late in the day to cool the house down, I LOVE open windows and bringing the sounds of nature in. So, I do what I can to keep the temperature indoors as cool as possible,which means either baking early in the day, or not at all. With that, I thought these Hasselback Tomatoe Clubs looked yummy, though I would substitute something for the processed meat, maybe just the veggies and make it more of a modified BLT? If you have some favorite no-heat summer recipes, share them in the comments!

4.  I really enjoyed this post from Back Road and Bloom, Old Fashioned Homemaking: What Is It And Is It For You?  It's always been my thing on one level or another and more so since we moved into our house last summer.

5. Came across Heart's Content Homestead and saved it to my bookmarks.  I haven't been able to spend much time there yet, but I love the way she has her recipes broken down by season.  I'm hoping to peruse her summer offerings, soon.

6. And finally, this quote;

"The humblest take are made beautiful, when loving hands do them." 


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