Thursday, July 6, 2023

A Resource To Share
- The Christian Teachings of Virtue

As many of you who have been following me for awhile now know, I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ and as such, the contents of my posts will often reveal that. 

With that, today I want to share a resource with you that I came across recently and that I am really enjoying, The Christian Teachings of Virtue. Produced by Horse and ChariotThe Christian Teachings of Virtue is a series of lessons in which you will learn to live the soul lifting and character building teachings of virtue, including;

- Will and Purpose (8 part series)

- Well Ordered Soul (8 part series)

- Virtue and Vice (8 part series)

- Seven Chiefly Vices (8 part series)


- Seven Chiefly Virtues (Coming Soon)

I've just begun and so far I've watched The Prelude to the Teachings, which gives you the story behind this project and its author and what you can expect from the series, which is the first place I would encourage you to begin if this peaks your interest. Just this week I began reading Will and Purpose, and I am taking it slowly, as I learned years ago from Charlotte Mason, and reading the narrative, the verses and then next week I'll ponder on what I've read and answer the questions and read some of the accompanying quotes, all of which are included with each series.

In the Prelude, the author share that "these teachings are inspired by the Word of God, and many of the greatest minds in human history, they have stood the test of time"

"God has planted the seeds of virtue deep within our soul, and these teachings are designed to provide the fertile soil and nourishment they need to sprout and grow into the light."

I've been a follower of the way for many years now, and like the author share in the prelude, until I came across this I have never seen anything like this presented in such a way that is both easy to understand and comprehend. I am engaging with my bible open, and looking up and reading every scripture for myself, and based upon what I've read so far, I am finding it to be bibically sound. Something you many not know about me is that I never take anything at face value, if I don't see and believe it for myself, then I typically am not very trusting. But, based upon my own personal beliefs and years of being in the Word, everything I've read is in line with scripture and my own personal beliefs. 

That being said, among God's people there are varying beliefs and interpretations of scripture, so if this is something that interests you, it will be up to you to determine if you agree with what you read. The resources that I share here are ones that I have or am currently using, or that I personally know people I know well have used and I trust their judgement. It is up to each individual to determine for themselves if it is appropriate for them.

So, if this sounds like something you might enjoy, then I encourage you to watch the prelude and begin reading the first series. I'd love to hear other opinions, so if you do, then please come back and let me know and share your thoughts.

Until then my friends, savor the summer days!

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