Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Ordinary Things

I am in love with the ordinary things
of life, fresh air, acts of kindness
old soul conversations, watching
things grow, listening to the rain as 
it empties its heart toward earth.
Remembering the times I ran through
it unafraid, spontaneous, freedom
filled. I find pure joy in the joy of 
others. I am drunk on simplicity and 
nostalgia, and old thrift shops run by
volunteers who just want to change
the world one human at a time. I greet
the morning with eyes that still have
remnants of pain but will see their way
through it. I am determined to create 
something beautiful every day, whether 
art, or peace, or a path for those who
are lacking in light. I wish for nothing
more than soft hands filled with giving,
this is where I find my rest.

- ullie-kaye

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