Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Ordinary Days of Small Things
Summer Bingo Challenge

Well my friends, it's mid-June and summer will officially arrive this coming Friday, June 21 at 11:31 p.m. (Eastern Time). To be honest, it's a little hard for me to wrap my mind around that, we are nearing the half way mark of the year!

You may remember from my last post that my husband and I had our first experience with Covid back in late April, which is part of the reason for my absence.  It is taking me a l-o-n-g time to fully recover, and some of the symptoms are still lingering (clogged ears, vertigo), which has made concentrating a bit challenging. It also put a major cramp on getting our garden in for the year along with some other outdoor projects we had on the docket. I think I've spent more time working outdoors than inside the house this spring, which is honestly not like me.  My husband enjoys working outdoors and has always done most of the work, but since we were late to the game this year, I've been pitching in and helping where I can. My focus has been primarily on planting and tending to the garden and some landscaping projects. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few pictures I posted recently, and if not, I'm sure I'll be sharing some of them here, too.

With all this busyness, I realized that if we are not intentional, summer is going to slip by us before we know it and we might miss out some fun seasonal activities and traditions. Though we still have a LOT of work to do, for me, it's important to keep a balance between work and play. I get burned out quickly if I don't set aside time to engage in more leisurely activities. To aide me in this, I decided to create a fun Summer Bingo Challenge. In each square I listed an activity that I would like to be intentional about doing over the summer season, with the goal being if not to achieve a blackout, to at least score a couple of bingos. Then, come September, I can look back at all the happy memories we made together!

I thought it might be fun to share it hear with you, and so I created another copy with a few blank spaces for you to be able to write in your own ideas. You can find the link here. If you need some inspiration, just click on the image of my personal copy at the top of this post and you'll be able to see what I included in mine. If you find that some of the activities that I've included add too much going and doing to your already busy schedule, you can choose others that you can do at home. In the end the goal isn't even about getting a bingo, but about being intentional with how we spend our time in this season, and I know for me, having it written down where I can see it is half the plan to getting there!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, my friends! I'll be back soon (and yes, we WILL get caught up on Betsy Tacy, and I do apologize for the delay, between being sick and catching up, there just hasn't been much time!)

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