Tuesday, August 29, 2023

You Tube - Favorite Selections For The Season
- The Cozy Autumn Edition

You Tube has become a favorite past time of mine when mainstream television fails me, which is typical. If you've followed me for any length of time then you know that I am a huge classic movie and sitcom television enthusiast, and commonly will choose something from the 50's and 60's over the popular content of today.

But being a seasonal soul as well, I enjoy the offerings of a number of influencers on You Tube and with September arriving this week, I thought I would share a few of my favorites in case you want to enjoy them during the upcoming weeks as well.

Autumn (that is actually her name!), combines graphics created with 3D software enhanced by calm, relaxing sounds and music to create the coziest place on the internet! 

Desi creates vintage and inspired slow living videos, many with a seasonal theme! Here are some of her most recent offerings, but if you search her videos you will find others from previous years.

Angelika is a full time wife and mother who resides in the Canadian Rockies. She share snippets of her cozy daily life as she journeys through the seasons.

Randi is an artist who showcases her talents in whimsical, seasonal videos!

Daria is a filmmaker who resides in the English countryside. Her videos are beautiful and relaxing!

Cozy videos and stories!

I've been a fan for several years now, and always enjoy her offerings! Though she hasn't posted anything autumnish recently, as will all of the accounts I've included in this post, you will find more seasonal content in their archives.

If you already enjoy You Tube, I hope you'll find a few new-to-you favorite in this list! And if you have any other favorite accounts that you follow, especially ones that feature seasonal content, please share in the comments!


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Aunt Sandy said...

One of my favorites is Acre Homestead. She has a huge following. She’s a gardener and food preservation influencer. Love to watch her can, freeze dry a freeze her harvest.